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Diocesean Environment Network (DEN) Enews January 12, 2021
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Welcome. DEN, the (Anglican Diocese of NS & PEI) Diocesan Environment Network is active in many ways in promoting care for and involvement in environmental and related causes. We publish a weekly (FB) News, articles in the Diocesan Times, promote many means of expressing concern for our “fragile island home” and beyond – all things living and having movement (including mountains, molten core, and universes beyond ours – seen and unseen). We provide support and teaching through eco-grief session (with Nancy Blair, regular online session), links to many environment concerns/groups, encouraging – strongly, the use of Season of Creation, as well as retreats and special events like our recent Hope and Inspiration Art Show which will soon become a permanent online gallery. We are now offering a chance to pray together. Please see info below.
Upcoming Events & Activities:
Thursday Evening Gatherings continue on January 14 at 7 pm via Zoom: Session 2 topic will be Ecological Citizenship with Anne Marie Dalton
What will it take to get to a just and sustainable society? What are the demands on our daily lives? How does one live the new reality? Pope Francis encyclical Laudato si challenged the world, but Christians in particular, to become ecological citizens. Ecological citizenship was already in secular use as a term but Pope Francis must have found it quite congenial with the requirements of Christian/religious commitment. For centuries the Christian church (as one example) created a habitat for Christian life; all the facets —rituals, preaching, visual art, story telling, education, governance, etc. all cooperated in instilling virtues and morals consistent with Christian life in the world. While such all-inclusive socialization can be and often was oppressive and even dangerously cruel (and Francis is well aware of this), there is important wisdom here also. Modern sociological studies also support the fact that whether intentional or not, there is an operative “habitat” or citizen formation to which we are all more or less subject. Can our contemporary religions offer an alternative, challenge the normative habitat and encourage ecological citizenship? Must we and what would need to change to accomplish this?
Praying with the DEN Community led by the Rev.Tory Byrnes continues each Friday 9:30 am on Zoom. To obtain the link, please email endionspei@gmail.com
Each Friday at 9:30 we will host morning prayers on Zoom. Prayers will take shape from different traditions and focus on various aspects of our relationship with the Creation. This week, Jan.8, we take our cue from the Epiphany event of the Magi encounter with the Creator in the manger and use some Mi’kmaq prayers and imagery. Next week the focus is on environmental destruction and poverty with Celtic-sourced prayers, - and so on through Epiphany.
It is our hope that weekly (or more often) prayers will continue after Epiphany, through all seasons, led by you – individuals and parish or other groups, who would like to lead online prayers once – or more often. The DEN leadership can provide support, and some training in using Zoom if needed. Think about it. It would be a wonderful thing for every parish to take turns leading prayers on a regular basis.
For more information or questions or to share how you/your parish or group are praying for creation, please e-mail
Ecological Grief The DEN Ecological Grief Group Starts Monday January 18th.
Are you experiencing ecological grief…once in a while, once or twice a month or a week, every day? Maybe you don’t feel ecological grief yourself, but you are concerned about someone who does? If ecological grief is becoming part of your life, directly and/or indirectly, this support group is for you. You are not alone.
Nancy will begin each week with a short presentation about ecological grief. In January, she will focus on how to talk about ecological grief and some of the new language that helps us to understand and explain our grief to ourselves and others. If you want to talk, there will be time for discussion; if you want to be silent and listen, that is fine as well.
Nancy Blair, one of the Coordinators if the DEN, is a Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT) in Nova Scotia. She has her Masters of Education (Counselling) from Acadia University and her Masters of Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University. She has extensive experience in grief for non-humans, in her work as a Certified Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselling.
Coming Soon - Hope & Inspiration Art Gallery. The committee will be meeting this Wednesday evening so we hope to have news soon as to how the gallery will unfold.
Four petitions to our federal government
1) The Amazon is set on fire deliberately to clear land for agriculture, to meet the world’s demand for cheap meat and other products. While the Amazon burns, the Canadian government needs to show leadership and make it clear that our country and Canadians won’t accept goods that come at the cost of Indigenous rights and rainforest destruction. Yet at the moment, they are doing the opposite. Canada is negotiating the Canada-Mercosur free trade deal, which would massively increase meat exports from Brazil to Canada by as much as $1.8 BILLION annually.[2] This is the lead driver of the Amazon fires! This is urgent. If deforestation and fires continue, the entire rainforest will hit an irreversible tipping point.[3]Tell the Minister of Foreign Affairs Francois-Philippe Champagne that Canada needs to immediately halt the Canada-Mercosur free trade negotiations and protect the Amazon.
(I know the above is a long address, copy and paste: amazingly, it works!)
2) Oil companies have sowed doubt about climate change for decades. Big business won a government bailout in the 2008 financial crisis, while jobs were eliminated or made more insecure. Now, Big Business is launching perhaps its most aggressive lobbying push yet with an average of 5 meetings a day with federal officials since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They are trying to profit from the crisis again. We can’t let that happen. Peoples’ prosperity, not corporate profits. Call on our federal gov’t to bailout workers and communities - not corporate executives. Economic relief must go directly to workers. Provide free health support to all people. Invest in housing and clean water in Indigenous communities. Build resilient communities to prevent future crises. Create jobs by investing in environmental clean-up and energy transition Petition at https://act.greenpeace.org/page/58064/petition/1...
3) From Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE):
In this era of climate emergency, increasing toxic threats and multiple pressures on our health-care system, we need strong environmental laws to protect human health and the environment. Preventable exposures to toxics and pollution take a constant toll on human health, contributing to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions. Globally, ambient air pollution alone is responsible for 8.8 million premature deaths per year — a “pollution pandemic,” according to the author of this new research. CEPA is supposed to protect against these threats, but it hasn’t been updated for more than two decades. In 2017, the House of Commons environment committee reviewed CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act) and made 87 recommendations for strengthening the act. Consider signing a petition urging the gov’t to do this.
Finally, I posted this one Dec 12 If you didn’t see it, please consider signing now.
Climate change caused by fossil fuels is hurting the health of millions of Canadians - but our governments continue to use our tax dollars to subsidize fossil fuel extraction companies. Join Canada’s doctors calling for an end to taxpayer-funded fossil fuel subsidies and to use that money for renewable energy.
Stop Clear cuts on Crown Land. Protect Mainland Moose Habitat
Please consider printing out this postcard and mailing it to the Minister of Lands & Forestry if you wish to see an end to clear cuts on crown lands and protect our mainland moose.
Job posting:
Kairos Canada is seeking applications for the Executive Director position (permanent). Please apply to:
Giselle Del Rosario – She/Her Executive and IT Associate
Phone: 416. 463.5312 | Toll-Free: 1.877.403.8933
Web: www.kairoscanada.org | Email: gdelrosario@kairoscanada.org
80 Hayden Street, Suite 400, Toronto M4Y 3G2
Editorial: A Patchwork Quilt – Sewing the Blocks Together
At our first Thursday evening gathering of the New Year, led by Colleen Cameron, we took time to reflect on our call to care for the planet, why we are connected to the Diocesan Environment Network (DEN) and how it impacts us, individually and as a community.
A question was asked by one participant. Is the network too large? Are we too diverse? This certainly gave me pause. Here we had gathered, 16 out of a potential 500 people, and asked to identify what actions we are involved in.
Here is the list we came up with:
· Forestry
· Species at Risk
· Recycling
· Lobbying for moratoriums on offshore drilling
· Gold mining
· Child Poverty
· Biodiversity & Invasive species
· Advocacy
· Gardening & Food Security
· Waste Reduction
· Carbon footprint
· Beach cleanups
· Ocean Health
· Prayer Walks
· Solar Panels
· Waste Reduction
When you consider the number of environmental issues facing our world today and all of the activities that people connected to DEN are engaged in, how much longer would this list be if more people had joined this discussion that evening?
So are we too big? Are we too diverse?
I do not believe that to be the case.
As The Rev. Marian Lucas-Jefferies has said on occasion, we are akin to a parish. Like a parish we are comprised of people with a shared passion but with diverse talents. Like a parish, we are led by whatever or wherever the encouragement may come to use our natural talents, gifts and passions. My gifts in the parish led me to an Altar Guild Ministry. Others have a passion for pastoral care and so lend their gifts to that ministry or as a lector, server, deacon, priest, teacher, fundraiser, etc. To be all held together by one set of talents would be lopsided and boring. We would accomplish very little.
I came to the conclusion that like a physical den (a place of retreat and of nourishment) the DEN was a place to gather our talents and passions and be nourished and encouraged by each other. Like a parish on Sunday morning, we come together on a regular basis every Thursday to be nourished in a virtual retreat from the world and then leave energized to our own mission fields. With great thanks to The Rev. Marian for her leadership and cheerleading. This represents why we are part of the DEN.
In a time of unrest within our southern neighbour’s nation, we pray for peace and justice. We pray for the restoration of environmental protections under the new administration.
A Prayer in Times of Crisis
God of compassion,
we rejoice in the unity that is at the heart of your creation;
look upon our land and heal it,
and from adverse weather,
good Lord, deliver us.
As we stand before you in prayer for all who are suffering,
grant that your light may shine in their darkness,
and that we may bear one another’s burdens
and so fulfil your law of love.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
(from Seasons and Festivals of the Agricultural Year, Church of England)