NOTICE of Synod

Dear Clergy, Delegates and Representatives,

Many of you will notice that the timing of this Synod is much different than in recent years. Synod has been held on the last weekend in May. This year, however, we were unable to secure facilities at Dalhousie University or another adequate venue at that time. Changing our timing by one week meant we would have been unable to access the technical support we’ve relied on for many years. Considering other events in the Diocese and holidays, mid-October seemed the most reasonable timing.

Synod is also being held from Friday to Sunday, rather than from Thursday to Saturday. We recognize that expecting Parish clergy to be present in Synod on a Sunday when they would normally be in their respective parishes is a big expectation , but we think it is important. Over the years, we have been working hard to expand our demographical range with respect to participation in the committees, VSSTs and councils of the Church. We have heard that many younger potential delegates are unable to give a full workday on Friday to participate at Synod. We hope that holding Synod over a full weekend will enable an increased level of involvement by many who have otherwise been unable to share their voices with us at Synod. The timing of Synod is always evaluated before the end of our gathering, so there will be opportunity to give feedback on these decisions, as well as many other aspects of Synod.

Please ensure that your Certificate of Election forms are submitted to the Synod Office by March 31st 2022. This will ensure all delegates get entered into our database and received all the pertinent information that will be forth coming soon.

Thank you,


~ Notice of Synod (sent March 25th, 2022)