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The Diocesan Times

Support the continues publication of paper and electronic issues of the Diocesan Times.  The newspaper is distributed 10 times per year with the Anglican Journal.  The electronic version accommodates bonus pictures and a summer issue. 

Lay Legacy Leadership Fund

Here is a way to support the development of lay leadership throughout the Diocese.  Your contribution will help a keen individual to received partial funding for select conferences or courses.  Applicants require the recommendation of their home parish, conveying how the specified program will benefit both.

Growth for Ministry

The purpose of the Diocesan Growth for Ministry Fund is to enable the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to respond faithfully to God’s call to minister to a wide field of mission:

a) by providing a permanent established fund to which persons may contribute;                 

b) by providing enough flexibility to ensure that funds designated to special areas of ministry today can continue to be used constructively in the mission of the   church as the needs of the church today change to the needs of the church      tomorrow.                 

c) by providing monies to expand ministry within the Diocese and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing:                          

i) to provide for development and/or expansion in new growth areas at the                                         parish, regional or diocesan level;                          

ii) to provide seed monies for experimental and/or new forms of ministry;        

iii) to provide seed money for projects that foster engagement with the wider community and the gospel;        

iv) to provide funding for Outreach Ministry which touches the lives of those in need in society in general, and for the purpose of responding on short notice to situations in the community calling for concerned Christian response; and              

v) generally, to provide the financial means to pursue initiatives within the Diocese which might not otherwise be pursued.

Environmental Network

Donations in support of the Environmental Network of the Mission Outreach and Social Justice VSST of the Diocese goes towards supporting workshops and advocacy such as A Day of Extinction Meditation & Prayer and an Environmental Retreat.

Clergy Wellness

Our clergy are encourage to be mindful of there own well being as they minister pastorally and in worship to their congregations.  A small fund help provide a small, annual amount designed to help offset fitness membership fees and/or equipment purchases as encouragement.  This fund was established through a capital campaign.  It will be depleted without ongoing support.

Community Roots Camp Program

This initiate of the Youth and Family Ministry VSST under the guideance of the Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator helps parishes with resources to run summer camps for youth in their area.


Undesigned donations help the ministry of the Diocese and new or unbudgeted needs arise.  Funds are allocated at the discretion of the Diocesan Bishop.