WELCOME to the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island!

We trust that our website will serve well in helping you find what you are looking for, but if you do have any questions, please call us at (902) 420-0717 or email  We are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but as our name indicates, geographically the diocese includes both Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

The Find-a-Church option at the top of the page may be useful in trying to find a church near where you are living or might be vacationing.

The way we worship, our liturgy, varies widely from parish-to-parish, church-to-church, from the very contemporary to the very traditional.  But now you are asking what's the difference between a parish and a church.  A parish is a group of one or more churches with a rector or priest-in-charge.  The Parish of Tangier, for example, has seven churches -- in Tangier, Spry Harbour, Spry Bay, Sheet Harbour, Mushaboom, Murphy's Cove and Mooseland, ministered by one priest.  Whereas, the Parish of St. Paul's, Halifax is one church with one rector.  Some parishes have the added support of assistant priests, honorary assistants, deacons, or licensed lay ministers  to assist with conducting services.

We want to tell you about our the Diocese, but in a way that you can choose what you are interested in learning, by way these FAQs and links:

  • Being Anglican
  • Our Mission / Diocesan Vision
  • Diocesan Structure
  • Our Ministries  Beyond those identified on this link, each parish has ministries particular to their situations.  From food or clothing banks to the ministry of music, from soup kitchens to youth ministry, from social justice to women's or men's groups, we are confident you will find yourself and your family at home in one of our nearly 100 parishes.
  • What's happening:  One way to get a flavour of what's happening around the diocese is through the Anglican NetNews.  This is a weekly electronic newsletter which can include upcoming events as well as news.  See the home page to sign up
  • Wider Anglican Church:  The Anglican Church in this Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island is part of