1.1 Contents - Bishop's Policies


Policy 1.1.1 Baptismal Discipline


Policy 1.1.2 Children and Communion


Policy 1.1.3 Confirmation


Policy 1.1.4 Lay Distribution of the Eucharist to Shut-ins


Policy 1.1.5 Christian Burial


Policy 1.1.6 Holy Matrimony


Policy 1.1.7 Anointing of the Sick 


Policy 1.1.8 Protocol


Policy 1.1.9 Expectatons of Ordained Ministry Replaced by Guideline 1.1.23


Policy 1.1.10 Celebration of New Ministries


Policy 1.1.11 Directives in the Matter of Exorcism


Policy 1.1.12 Inclusive Language in Liturgy


Policy 1.1.13 Bible, Authorized versions


Policy 1.1.14 Refugee Sponsorship


Policy 1.1.15 Deployment of Clergy and Lay Professionals


Policy 1.1.16 Clergy Assisting in Parishes


 Policy 1.1.17 Expectations of Parishes Replaced by Guideline 1.1.23


 Policy 1.1.18 Spiritual Direction


 Policy 1.1.19 Guidelines for Common Worship


 Policy 1.1.20 Anglican-Lutheran Appointments


 Policy 1.1.21 Community of Associate Parish Priests - Policy
"This policy is currently under review. Please contact the Vocations Coordinator for further information.  vocationscoordinator@nspeidiocese.ca "]


Policy 1.1.22 Liturgical Role of a Deacon


 Policy 1.1.23 Episcopal Guidelines for Healthy Parish Life


 Policy 1.1.24 A Pastoral and Liturgical Guideline for Civilly Married Same Sex Couples - suspended June 22nd, 2022


 Policy 1.1.25 Diocesan SafeR Church Policy


 Policy 1.1.26 The Expression of the Diaconate in the Diocese