The Resource Centre collection is located at the Anglican Diocesan Centre, 1340 Cathedral Lane, Halifax.  People are welcome to browse the collection and borrow the resources.  For assistance, you may contact Ethel Nelson at 434-3658 or  to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.  You can also use the Resource Centre during regular Synod office hours by signing in and out of the log book at the reception desk.  Information about the collection is posted in the Centre and in the window beside the door.  Avoid disappointment by phoning ahead (902 420 0717) to ensure that no meeting is booked for the space at the time you intend to visit.

Leave the library cards from anything you borrow in the tray to your left as you leave the Resource Centre, and record the number of items borrowed when you sign out.

The Resource Centre is available to both clergy and lay persons of the diocese. 

Anyone can register and borrow resources.

Borrowing is available to anyone in Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island (the geographical area of the diocese), and occasionally to persons from Anglican dioceses in other parts of Canada .

Loan Period:

Books, videos, etc.: 1 month or running time of parish program. DVDs and CDs: 1 week.  Periodicals and reference materials are not for loan, but may be photocopied or loaned for special events and program research.


Do you have any suggestions?   If you have used a resource that you would like to make available to others or if you are looking for a resource that is not in our collection -- please tell us about it.