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 Carol Grace Scott is an active participant of the DEN, who expresses her faith-based environmental activism through poetry. Much of the poems are inspired by being attentive to the gifts of Creation throughout the seasons, by rivers and the ocean, in forested areas, under the dome of the changing sky, and in natural and urban settings with its available flora and fauna. It is through engagement with Nature on a spiritual level that transcendence, and therefore care of Creation, seems most possible.  

Three collections of poetry are available for purchase: -         

Awakened by Ashes: a Lenten Journey out of the desert and beyond (2013) -         

Awake in my Sleep (2014) 

"of earth and ether and the turning of the tide" (2020)

Art for our Mother (Carol Grace Scott)
Imagine we loved our Mother the Earth and all her creatures, with more devotion and greater passion! Sometimes when we see Nature through the eyes of an artist, we feel inspired to go out and seek out a similar landscape, to ‘see’ it for ourselves. Similarly, when we read a poem or reflective piece of writing which transports us through a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world, we might feel a deeper desire to love our connection with all-our-relations.
Going a step further, what if a visual artist inspires a poet, or a poem inspires a painter/photographer/tactile artist to engage with the sacred environment through their specific lens? What if reciprocity between artists brings both into a deeper love of Creation’s wonders? I love more fiercely because you so loved that ocean, that rock, that flower, that tree, that bird’s morning song, and brought it into better focus for me through your photograph, your painting, your poem.
Art is not a competition. Art is an expression of what touches the artist at the soul level through their emotions and senses. Good art can help the viewers feel that expression in their own souls. Together, artist and viewer can grow their awareness of being touched by wonder and awe. Together, love grows and expands until Hope is reignited and we participate in restorative, protective care of our Earth Mother. 
Reciprocity. I live better because you live. I love better because we love!

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