Nature of the Position: To participate in the Annual Synod of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island held, normally, on a biennial basis in Halifax, NS. Issues that come before Synod may include: governance reform, justice issues, partnerships, ecumenical and interfaith relationships, and finances. According to The Constitution of the Synod of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward island (Constitution), each lay representative shall be a communicant of a congregation that forms part of a Parish who attends worship services regularly and is of the full age of 16 years before his or her election or appointment and who is also qualified to vote at meetings of the Parish he or she is to represent (Constitution, 5. Lay Representatives). Each clergy representative shall attend subject to Constitution, 4. Clergy Members. 

Outline of Responsibilities

  • To represent the electing parish, along with other clergy and lay people, at Diocesan Synod.
  • Some delegates with specific areas of expertise serve on the Diocesan Council, the Vision, Strategy, and Support Teams (VSSTs), and various committees between synods.
  • Attending advance meetings organized by the Region or Diocese. 

Skills and Experience

  • Delegates will be able to bring their knowledge of issues currently before the church, to reflect prayerfully, and to participate actively in issues before the Synod. 
  • An understanding of the range of diocesan culture and values. 
  •  An ability to absorb written and oral material and make decisions based on that material. 

Support, Supervision and Training

  • Most support is peer based. There is some preparation and orientation offered by the Region and Secretary of Synod prior to the Synod. 
  • Being a regular recipient of Diocesan correspondence assures current knowledge and understanding of ongoing concerns (NetNews, Diocesan Times).

Participation Group

  • A small number of clergy and lay people who are also delegates to Diocesan Synod from the Region and Parish. Other Regions and Parishes send a similar group of elected representatives. 

Volunteer Screening Requirements

  • Member in good standing of the Parish according to Constitution, 5. Lay Representatives or subject to Constitution, 4. Clergy Members.

Length of Term

  • Nominations are sought for each Diocesan Synod. A delegate remains in office until their successor is elected or appointed. There is a limitation of term for Lay Representatives based on participation in two successive Diocesan Synods, wherever possible (Constitution, 5(7)).

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • This is an opportunity to learn about and participate actively in issues before the wider church, beyond the Parish and Region, and to influence the future direction of the Diocese.