Instructions for Writing Diocesan Synod Resolutions
Deadline - February 26th at 5:00 pm

1. All resolutions must be submitted in advance, in writing, to the Executive Secretary of Synod, at least three months before the meeting of Synod (February 26th, 2022). No resolutions will be accepted after the deadline or from the floor of Synod. 

2. Each resolution shall begin with “RESOLVED, that”, or “MOVED, that”… and be followed by a clear and concise statement of what is proposed. The names of the mover and seconder are to be included in the notice of resolution/motion printed in the Convening Circular. 

3. There shall be no preamble. There shall be no introductory statements or “WHEREAS”… statements. Start with the resolution. 

4. Commentary on the resolution should follow, but not be part of the formal resolution. Commentary can explain the reasons for the resolution, its program impact, congruity with the Diocesan Vision, etc. Resolutions with budgetary impact must include a budget estimate. 

5. Submissions must contain the name, email (if available), postal address, parish and phone number of the mover and/or the sponsor. If the name of the movers is not finalized when the resolution is submitted, you must name a sponsor who can speak knowledgeably about the resolution with the Resolutions Committee. 

6. The Resolutions Committee shall not decide on the merits of the proposed resolution/motion, but may return the resolution for further work if it is not within the guidelines, unclear, ambiguous, inaccurate or impossible to carry out. 

7. The Resolutions Committee will advise the mover or sponsor if a resolution has been rejected or referred. 

Resolutions can be delivered to the Synod Office, 1340 Cathedral Lane, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 221, or emailed to: