Convening Circular

Convening Circular

Cover Page

Part One - General Information, Draft Agenda, Forms (Agenda updated May 22nd)

Part Two - Notice of Synod, Being a Synod Delegate, Instructions for Writing Resolutions, Rules of Debate and Guide for Speaking to Motions

Part Three - Resolutions

Part Four - Reports



Friday May 26th         10:00 am Delegate Check in

                                     11:00 am New Delegate Orientation

                                     11:45 am Youth Gathering

                                     1:00 pm Call to Order

                                     7:15 pm Synod Service, reception to follow

Saturday May 27th     9:00 am Opening Worship

                                     9:00 pm Compline

Sunday May 28th         9:30 am Gather

                                     9:40 am Eucharist

                                     3:00 pm Motion to Adjourn