Youth Members:   Haley Bruhm

                                Maggie Wiegers

Region 1 - Lay      Laura Bird

Region 1 - Clergy  Rev'd Margaret Fagan

Region 2 - Lay      Reid Moore

Region 2 - Clergy  The Rev'd Dr. Carolyn Sharp

Region 3 - Lay      Deborah Beck

Region 3 - Clergy  Rev'd Darlene Jewers

Region 4 - Lay      vacant

Region 4 - Clergy  Rev'd Fred Grainger

Region 5 - Lay      Debbie Fice

Region 5 - Clergy  Rev'd Edwin Ebsary

Region 6 - Lay      Ted Johnson

Region 6 - Clergy  Rev'd Ray Carter

Region 7 - Lay      Judi Ray

Region 7 - Clergy  The Rev'd Cheryl Rafuse

Region 8 - Lay      Sheila Hulford

Region 8 - Clergy  The Rev'd Canon Lynn Uzans

Region 9 - Lay      Bruce Veinotte

Region 9 - Clergy  Rev'd Mellanie Cohoon

Region 10 - Lay     Stephen Hamlin

Region 10 - Clergy Rev'd William Ferrey


Tanya Moxley

The Rev'd Laura Marie Piotrowicz

The Rev'd Carl Fraser


The Most Rev'd Ron Cutler, Diocesan Bishop

James Travers, Q.C, Chancellor

The Rev'd Canon Gordon Redden, Acting Executive Secretary of Synod

The Very Rev'd Paul Smith, Cathedral Dean

Diocesan Staff Support:

Glen Greencorn, Controller

The Rev'd Lisa Vaughn, Parish Vitality Coordinator

The Rev'd Frances Drolet-Smith, Vocations Coordinator

Archdeacon Marilyn Newport, Interim Hospital Chaplain

Jan Connors,  Administrative Assistant