Youth Members:       Rebecca Coholan

Region 1 PEI                    Lay      Thomas Haslam

                                          Clergy  Rev'd David Garrett

Region 2 Cape Breton   Lay      Reid Moore

                                          Clergy  The Rev'd Debbie Fice

Region 3 Northumbria  Lay      Deborah Beck

                                          Clergy   The Rev'd Joanne Neal

Region 4 Eastern Shore Lay      Anthony Chapman

                                           Clergy  Rev'd Fred Grainger

Region 5 Dartmouth      Lay      Linda Rouleaux

                                          Clergy Rev David Greenwood

Region 6 Chebucto        Lay      Eric Thompson

                                         Clergy  Rev'd Tammy Hodge Orovec

Region 7 Fort Sackville Lay     Carol Scott

                                         Clergy  The Rev'd Cathy Lee Cunningham

Region 8 Valley              Lay      Mike Carter

                                        Clergy  Rev Paul Jennings

Region 9 South Shore  Lay     Murray Elliott

                                         Clergy The Rev'd Patti Brace

Region 10 Chignecto   Lay     Jeff Marshall

                                       ClergyRev Charlotte Ross


Tanya Moxley

The Rev'd Carl Fraser


The Rev'd Sandra Fyfe, Diocesan Bishop

James Travers, Q.C, Chancellor

Dawn Purcell, Executive Secretary of Synod

The Very Rev'd Paul Smith, Cathedral Dean

Diocesan Staff Support:

The Rev'd Lisa Vaughn, Parish Vitality Coordinator

The Rev'd Frances Drolet-Smith, Vocations Coordinator

Leah Marshall, Interm Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator

The Rev'd Ann Turner Executive Director

Updated 16 Feb '21