This VSST was created in 2019 in response to the need for those working toward the development of ‘healthy parishes’ and ‘healthy leadership’ to be working in the same context.

Got a question or comment for us? Need help finding funds for a new missional initiative? Got an idea but not sure how to make it real?

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The current Terms of Reference are:

Vision: Disciples making disciples to bring God’s Kingdom to life on earth by living out the Five Marks of Mission so that God’s reign can be realized; to enact; to embrace; to experience.

For the purposes of the VSST, “mission” is both the announcement and the demonstration of the reign of God through Christ.

“A missional church is simply any church that organizes itself around the mission of God in this world.”

– Michael Frost

The primary focus for the VSST is on parishes/local community, focussed in four areas:

Here is a Glossary where you can access definitions for the terms we are using.

Members: Ed Trevors (Team Lead), David Harrison, Edith Marshall, Tanya Moxley, Katie Taylor-Flynn, Lisa Vaughn (staff support).

Groups/Task Groups that report to this body:

  • Discernment & Formation Task Group
  • Parish Relations Task Group
  • Vital Church Maritimes Conference Task Group
  • Missional Leadership Cohort Advisory Group