PURPOSE: To provide for development and/or expansion in new growth areas at the parish, regional or diocesan level; to provide seed monies for experiential and/or new forms of ministry; to provide seed money for projects that foster engagement with the wider community and the gospel; to provide funding for Outreach Ministry which touches the lives of those in need in society in general.

AMOUNT: All grants and loans are subject to the availability of funds.

DEADLINE: April 30th

APPLICATION: Download form to be completed, including a budget. See Policy 2.2.9 Growth for Ministry Fund - Governing Regulations and Application for Funding (Revised February 2017)


PURPOSE: Grants to a parish for the establishment of a Mission Project within a church, parish, or region that is deemed appropriate by the Bishop for the purpose of stimulating growth or enhancement of a parish’s life. The project would be an intended program or activity that a parish undertakes as to engage with the wider community. The CE&MD Fund provides seed monies for mission projects and initiatives that develop or create opportunities for deeper interaction with the surrounding community and stimulate possibilities for growth and renewal.

AMOUNT: Two streams of funding – one for loans (for capital projects, etc.) and one for grants (for mission outreach projects). Up to 100% of the requested amount may be applied for as a grant.

DEADLINE: October 15th.

APPLICATION: Download form to be completed, including a budget. See Policy 2.2.14 The Church Extension and Ministry Development Fund - December 2016 Revision;


(UNAVAILABLE at this time)

PURPOSE: Lay people to study and train to better equipped for ministry.

AMOUNT: Up to 50% of funding is reimbursed.

DEADLINE: Applications reviewed monthly.

APPLICATION: Two letters - one from the applicant, another from the parish - describing how it will be beneficial to both. Apply to the Bishop’s office: or write Lay Leadership Legacy Fund, c/o Bishop’s Office, Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island, 1340 Cathedral Lane, Halifax, NS   B3H 2Z1