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June 30th, 2021

Nova Scotia:As of today’s date, June 30th, Nova Scotia enters Phase 3 of the Reopening plan which can be found here . Faith gatherings that are run by a business or organization (which includes our churches/parishes) - 50% of the venue's capacity up to 100 people indoors (with masks and social distancing) and up to 150 people outdoors with social distancing. Informal wedding ceremonies and funerals (including receptions and visitation) can have no more than your household (the people you live with) plus 10 people and the person conducting the ceremony indoors (with masks and social distancing) and up to 25 people plus the person conducting the ceremony, outdoors without social distancing. Wedding ceremonies and funerals (including receptions and visitation) - 50% of the venue’s capacity up to 100 people indoors (with masks and social distancing) and 150 people outdoors with social distancing when hosted by a business or organization.


On June 27th the province moved into Step 2 of their reopening plan which can be found here Recognized businesses and organizations can have organized gatherings, including on personal property, with an operational plan of up to 50 people; additional multiples of 50 permitted with a prior approval of the operational plan (up to 200 total); facilities who are able to demonstrate separate entrances/exits/bathrooms for additional cohorts will be considered on an individual basis.

Individuals (i.e. not a recognized business or organization) can host up to 50 people (including on personal property), with physical distancing between households/groups of close contacts for special occasions (e.g. backyard wedding) with a reviewed operational plan; no additional cohorts permitted. Weddings, funerals will be permitted with a maximum of 150 people (in cohorts of 50). Please refer to the provincial government website about protocols for mask-wearing and social distancing for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.  

June 9th, 2021


PEI’s Moving Forward plan began with Step 1 on June 6, 2021. See details here: Moving Forward Step 1 | Government of Prince Edward Island. These measures are in effect until June 27 or until otherwise stated. This includes a new gathering guidance. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Public Health or reach out to us at and we’ll try to help.  


NS’s Re-opening plan began on June 2nd and includes five phases. We are still in phase 1. See details here:NS Reopening - Phase One  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Public Health or reach out to us at and we’ll try to help. You can find the full reopening plan here:  Reopening plan - Government of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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If you have any questions please contact Mr. Peter Flemming, Interim Controller
Property Insurance during COVID 19
from Peter Flemming, Diocesan Insurance Administrator

April 1, 2020

To All Parishes of the Diocese

The bigeest threats to our buildings right now are risks of Bursting Pipes, Vandalism and Fire.

Burst Pipes:  As you can see from the Vacant Building Checklist (linked below), if water is left on, then 72 hour inspeictions are ncessary.  Recommended (when at all possible) is that the toilets/sinks/pressure tanks/water pipes be drained and the water shut off.

Vandalism:  The RCMP Detachement nearest to the building should be asked to include the property in their inspection route.

Fire: Furnance inspectrions must be up-to-date/or updated.  Oil levels must be monitored.  In the event of a snow storm, access to the building must be maintained by the contractor/volunteer who normally keeps the entrances to the buildings and parking lots plowed.

I am happy to discuss any of your questions

Peter Flemming


April 20, 2020

NOTE:  Please see attachments which we’ve received from Ecclesiastical Insurance Company in regards to unoccupied churches due to the covid-19 virus. 

COVID19 Idle Buildings Bulletin

COVID19 Idle Buildings Checklist


Vacant Building Checklist Contact Peter Flemming by email