Thank you to all those who participated in Virtual Lenten Reflections 2022 on Saturday, March 19, 2022. Want to capture, or recapture, the worship service (Bishop Sue) and excellent Reflections offered by Ordinands, Dawn-Lea Greer and Debbie Fice and Postulant, Ruth MacNeil?

Here is the link on the Mothers’ Union YouTube channel to take advantage of the thought-provoking presentations, one on the Anglican Church Women theme of Community: Care . . . Courage . . . Compassion and two on the Mothers’ Union theme, With God nothing is impossible: Transformation – Now!

Debbie and Ruth completed their reflections with 3 questions for listeners/viewers to ponder:  

Debbie Fice’s Questions:

1.      What is one of your personal stories of change during your life?

2.      Have you ever experienced a liminal season in your life that resulted in a transformation of some kind? How was it different from change?

3.      Do you think Phyllis Tickle is correct and Christianity as a whole is experiencing a liminal season, and what sort of transformation do you think we might be experiencing or undergoing?  

Ruth MacNeil’s Questions:

1.      How has the pandemic helped you grow spiritually & transform?

2.      What are you hearing from God as our world moves ever more globally?

3.      Is your church community/organization embracing a more intercultural perspective in the way of global Christian unity?