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The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) is a wage subsidy program offered until May 7, 2022, to qualifying employers who have seen a drop in revenue due to COVID-19.

The Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island has participated successfully in this program over the last two years as each congregation and the Diocese have worked to manage the challenges of decreased revenues. Many parishes have written with questions about the continuation and management of this program.

When it comes to resourcing CEWS, we depend on the timely submission of Parish information to the Diocese. Until we receive all of the parish information, we cannot make our submission under one CRA number (the Diocesan number) as outlined by this federal program. Delays happen when individual parishes are late in sharing their information. If we submit too early, before having all necessary gathered information, we risk finding ourselves in a debit position due to program amendments. We have only recently received and submitted data up to and including the end of December 2021. If your parish does not see credits on their payroll statements, it may be because your employee may not have qualified for the period in question. Subsequent credits received will be shown on upcoming payroll statements. Thank you for your work and your patience as we facilitate CEWS for us all.