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Synod planning is well on its way under the very capable direction of our Co-Chairs, The Rev’d Dr. Kyle Wagner (Rector, Parish of Christ Church, Dartmouth) and Victor Henrikson (St. Andrew’s, Cole Harbour). The balance of the committee includes Bishop Sandra, Rev’d Ann Turner, Jana Gauthier, Rev’d Canon Gorden Redden, Tanya Moxley, Allie Colp, Don Brushett, Edith Marshall, Rev’d Dorothy Miller, Rev’d Paul Jennings, and Rick Ratcliffe. Victor and Kyle are working in tandem with The Rev’d Will Ferrey (Rector, Parish of Christ Church, Amherst), Executive Secretary of Synod, and Angela Chorney, organizer and operator of Dots and Crosses Event Management (D & T). While Rev’d Will, Rev’d Kyle, and Victor are already known to us for their generous work and ministry in our diocese, the Synod Planning Committee thought it a welcomed idea to introduce Angela and D & T to all of you. The decision to bring D & T on board came after the retirement of not one, but two, of our dedicated diocesan administrators in 2021. As we have worked to streamline our team in the Diocesan offices, the solution to bring an experienced, faith-based planner on board for this Synod seemed to check all the good stewardship and resources boxes!

Angela Chorney is an active, current member of a Lutheran congregation (ELCIC, with whom the Anglican Church is in full partnership), with former membership at both Anglican and Mennonite Brethren congregations, and has an insider's perspective on church gatherings. As both a long-time youth group leader and convention delegate, she understands how to facilitate programming that supports a theme and how to bring together various elements of an event that seamlessly flow between Worship, Education, and Fellowship. Most recently, she has helped in the planning of the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering (CLAY, since 2012) and in both the ELCIC National Worship Conference and the ELCIC BC Synod Convention. She was deeply involved in planning for our joint General Synod with the ELCIC until our decision to delay General Synod beyond 2022. Angela provides assistance in many of the time-consuming areas of event planning, including site selection and contract negotiation, logistics, registration, and on-site management. You will have an opportunity to meet Angela at Synod in October, when she will be in attendance managing the good flow and operations of our Synod.

The Synod Planning Committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have submitted your completed Certificate of Election. This is crucial to our communications and preparations. If you have yet to submit this, please do so as soon as possible.

Going forward, be sure to watch Net News for upcoming Synod monthly announcements! And if you have Synod questions or concerns, please direct them to