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If a parish decides that a group renting from does not purchase insurance for the use of their premises and something happens due to the negligence from that group and they are legally liable - the parish policy will not respond nor defend that group if a suit is brought forward - the parish policy will only defend the parish if they are named in that suit.

Ex - individual uses premises for a shower, someone slips and falls due to a spilled drink and brakes hip - person decides to sue for bodily injury - parish is named in suit(parish property)  individual is named as well as it is their event -  parish policy will only respond and defend the parish - the individual would be personally liable and would have to pay their own legal costs and whatever is awarded due to their negligence.

Ex -  if the group that used the premises, burned down the building - and they did not have their own insurance for that event, they would be personally liable and the insurer could subrogate the individuals for damages caused to the build due to their negligence.

From Barbara McGuire, Senior Vice President - March Canada

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