The Halifax Mission to Seafarers is a Canadian non-profit charity. As part of a worldwide network of Anglican sponsored Missions, the Halifax Mission offers seafarers help and support when their ships arrive in port.


Sea Sunday - July 10th, 2022

Sea Sunday is just once a year, but loving our
neighbour is a 365-day a year job for all of us.
This year, more than just asking you to make a
donation towards the year round work we do,
can I also ask you to pray, and to commit to pray
for the work of The Mission to Seafarers, and for
all seafarers.

Maybe you’d like to become more involved and
generate support and awareness, to be in some
senses an ambassador for the work we do. Get in
touch, and see how you can be a good neighbour to
those who work at sea.

Walking by, letting someone else help is the easy
option. But Jesus’s point in this parable is just the
opposite. For His followers, for members of His
Kingdom on earth, walking by is just not an option.
God bless all who work on the sea. Amen.

Sea Sunday July 10 2022 Sermon Notes

Sea Sunday July 10 2022 General Leaflet

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