Below, you will find links to download the following documents:

Here you will find the 2019  Parochial Return and the Checklist for Financial Review (previously known as the Audit Checklist). 

The Parochial Return is available as an Excel Spreadsheet with some embedded formulaes that should make completion easier. It is also available as a portable document format (pdf) that allows for printing and filling out by hand.

The Parochial Return Instructions are available as a pdf.

The Checklist for Financial Review is available here as a Word document or as a pdf.

The 2019 Statistical Information Form is available as a Word document or as a pdf.

The Parish Information Form with optional Certificate of Election is available as a Word document or as a pdf.

Paper copies of the Annual Return forms are ONLY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.  Please call or email the Synod Office at:  |  902 420 0717  Janice or Jan can mails these to you.

All forms are due no later than March 31, 2020.  Each set may be sent when ready; i.e. you need not hold up the Statistical or Parish Information Forms if they are complete before the Parochial Return and Checklist for Financial Review are finalized.