The Episcopal Search Committee is please to present the following nominees for the position of Bishop of the Diocese:

-       The Reverend Katherine Bourbonniere

-       The Reverend Carl Fraser

-       The Reverend Sandra Fyfe

-       The Reverend Elliott Siteman - Withdrawn

Please click on the links below for additional information about each of the nominees.


The Episcopal Search Committee is pleased to provide the last piece of information on the four nominees for Bishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

In this video of the "Town Hall", the nominees are interviewed by the Rev. Colin Nicolle, a member of the Episcopal Search Committee, and are presented with a series of questions to answer.

This video, when viewed with previously provided information (CVs, written answers to questions and introductory videos, BELOW on this page), will give delegates a strong sense of the four nominees as people and clergy.

The Reverend Katherine Bourbonniere
Nominee Information Introduction Video
The Reverend Elliott Siteman
- Withdrawn