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In spring 2021 the Diocese of Nova Scotia & PEI’s fundraising team raised $6,000 in support of the Anglican Foundation of Canada’s Say Yes! to Kids initiative. This campaign, and the Request for Proposals (RFPs) that followed, resulted in the largest one-time investment in youth-focused ministry and outreach the Canadian church has seen. In the Diocese of Nova Scotia & PEI, 10 projects received $61,000, the most of any diocese in the country!

In 2022, AFC expanded Say Yes! to Kids to include mentorship, training, and sponsorship for parish-led peer-to-peer fundraising teams. AFC used its fundraising and communications expertise to help churches across the country raise more money for ministry at the local level and engage with their communities and satellite parishioners to build support for youth-focused ministry. AFC also leveraged its skills with leadership giving to secure matching gifts that will boost the efforts of participating teams.

Four teams from our Diocese participated in 2022, raising a total of $29,825 for programming for children, youth, and families!

To find out more about those teams and their projects, click one of the links below:

Cathedral Church of All Saints

Christ Church Amherst

Nova Scotia + PEI Anglican Church Women

St Paul's Halifax

Stay tuned to hear more about these projects as they come to fruition, and for details about Say Yes to Kids 2023!

Say Yes! to Kids is back, and it’s going to be better than ever!

Who is eligible?Any parish in Canada with a vision for ministry and outreach to young people. When?Apply now and campaign alongside your peers nationwide from April 1 to June 30. Why?

  1. Raise the funds you need to bring your church’s vision for youth ministry to life.
  2. Receive fundraising and communications mentorship from AFC’s experienced team.
  3. Reconnect with families in your community by raising awareness about your youth programs.
  4. Benefit from an AFC-led effort to secure leadership donations, including matching gifts!

 How much?

  1. Each team establishes its own fundraising goal.
  2. Salaries, equipment costs, and capital improvements can be included in your case for support. 

I’m interested. What’s next?

  1. Visit and register for an upcoming webinar.
  2. Download our campaign FAQs sheet

Join the movement and help our church grow a brighter future for young people, today.


As a diocese, we are extremely excited about the opportunity that we have in Say Yes to Kids 2022 to raise funds for ministry for children and youth in our parishes. We are working away on opportunities and resources to support parishes as they explore possibilities and dream about what might happen, and we will post details here and in the NetNews as details come together. 

For now, you will find more information about Say Yes to Kids on the Anglican Foundation website, here