As public health restrictions lift, we are continuing to seek the best way to navigate ministry for children, youth and families while minimizing the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses.

We update our Best Practices poster on a regular basis, so you can refer to that for a visual guide, but here's a quick list of our suggested practices:

  • Strongly encourage (or require) the use of masks indoors. 
  • Maintain physical distance when possible.
  • Take your programming outside when you can. 
  • Tell people to stay home if they are unwell. 

The following are the current practices for diocesan children's, youth, and family ministry events and meetings:

  • Masks are mandatory indoors for staff indoors, except for when actively eating or drinking. They are strongly encouraged for leader, and recommended for participants. 
    • Ensuring adequate ventilation is the ideal, even if that just means opening a window. 
    • When eating or drinking is involved, it's important to ensure that people have the option for distance if they would like to take that space. 
  • Whenever possible, taking accessibility into consideration in particular, programming will take place outside. 
  • If anyone has any symptoms of COVID, they will not be permitted to participate. 
    • Exceptions will be made if there is a known and non-contagious illness and a rapid test shows negative results. 
  • If anyone develops symptoms during a multi-day event, arrangements will be made for them to return home as soon as possible. 

We review and update these practices based on available epidemiological data and recommendations from public health. 

Last update: June 28, 2022
Last review:  June 28, 2022