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  Will Power: Keep the Love Going 

 Will Power (Volonté de faire in Quebec) is a cross-country initiative designed to inspire Canadians to think differently about giving and consider a gift to charity in their Will. And this is AFTER leaving most of their estate behind for loved ones. If enough Canadians got on board and donated just a small percentage of their estate to charity, it could mean as much as $40 billion for the causes we all care about. Throughout the months of September and October our diocese along with the rest of Canada, will be focused on this initiative to inspire everyday Canadians to consider a gift in their Will. To learn more visit

  Most of us spend a lifetime contributing to a cause that’s close to our heart, such as the your church and our diocese. But more and more Canadians are going one step further to leave a gift to charity in their Will. You can make a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible, without using any of the money you need now. You don’t have to choose between loved ones and charity when leaving a gift in your Will. Even 1% of your estate left to charity can result in a BIG gift, while still leaving 99% for loved ones. Get helpful tips on turning your Will into a powerful tool and visit Find resources on financial planning and Will writing to help you save on taxes and get the most out of your charitable giving. Want more information or have questions, please connect with Gillian Doucet Campbell, member of our diocesan Stewardship Committee, by emailing or call 902-406-8978.