Did you know you had a dedicated section on our website just for your Parish - Find-A-Church! If you haven't already - here is the link to have a look https://www.nspeidiocese.ca/find-a-church.  This provides viewers not only your contact information, but we also hope to provide a little insight into your Parish! 


I would like to update the photos with not just pictures of your Church buildings, but more importantly the drive behind our Parishes - PEOPLE!


If you can, please send me photos of Parish Activities, Services, Celebrations, etc, so I can create a collage and upload to your page on the website. 

(Please note we are not able to use photos with children unless the parents have agreed in writing).


Please make sure you indicated which church/parish they are from (did you know we have over 10 "St. John's "in our Diocese !? 


Photos can be sent to me, Jana Gauthier at bishopsoffice@nspeidiocese.ca 


Thanks so much!