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LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER for in-person attendance is today (Oct. 6) before 11:30 p.m. 

Zoom registration is OPEN until Oct. 12, with expanded talks and worship (approx. 8 hrs.).


• The Primate, Archbishop Linda Nicholls

• Dr. Daniel Driver, Old Testament professor

• Diocesan Bishop Sandra Fyfe

• Gerald Gloade, Mi’kmaw Storyteller


o Colin Pridy

o Heather Armstrong

COVID-19: Our VCM team and hotel staff are diligent in ensuring that our in-person gathering is as comfortable and safe as possible. We’re following the Nova Scotia government’s process for non-essential events (Proof of Full Vaccination) and the latest Diocesan Protocols in Response to COVID-19: Loving God, Loving Neighbour as Self/Oct.1 (wearing of masks, physical distancing).

Conference Schedule attached.

GOT QUESTIONS?   Phone 902-789-4840