In the past week, I have been part of several meetings where the topic of conversation has been: What do the restrictions used to fight the Covid-19 pandemic mean for the church in the long term? In the past six weeks, many things have changed and the change has been rapid and dramatic! Even as provincial education officials and teachers have had to resort to technology for children in the public school system, so too, we have started to use the same technologies for worship and for adult and children’s Christian formation programs. The changes have affected some of the practices at the core of our identity: the inability to gather physically, the inability to shake hands or give/receive a hug, the inability to receive Eucharist, the inability to share meals, the inability to meet physically for planning/decision making and the much greater challenge; to support those in our communities who live on very thin margins in the best of times and who are desperate for food, decent shelter and human contact.