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 This Saturday September 10th and Sunday September 11th, both days at 12:15, we are pleased to welcome 2 young actors, from our city; Emma and Ella, who have been touring the province with a performance titled “The Skeleton Dance”.  This half hour interactive play uses song, humour, and touching honesty to demystify death. Through the hardship of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Emma & Ella believe that everyone has grieved something; be it a loved one, important events, or normalcy. The goal of The Skeleton Dance is to provoke thought about the ways in which we respond to hardship and how we comfort one another. 

 While designed to give voice and insight to young children, who are often left out of the conversations about grief and death; whether it be, dinosaurs, a goldfish, family pets, or beloved Uncle Trout - it can help all ages deal with the reality of our times. It will be staged at the front steps of the Cathedral; free of charge.