It has been noted that some of our diocesan policies and procedures are out of step with other decisions taken by the Diocese. One such policy is Bishop’s Policy 1.1.24 - A Pastoral and Liturgical Guideline for Civilly Married Same Sex Couples ). In light of the information contained in A Pastoral Letter Regarding Same-Sex Marriage issued on September 6, 2019, extending the sacrament of Marriage to same-gender couples (, I have suspended Bishop’s Policy 1.1.24. In the fall we will update this policy to bring it in line with decisions that have been made in our Diocese with respect to Equal Marriage. As we join in Pride celebrations this month, this is one small step we can make to remind our LGBTQ2Si siblings that they have a place in our church. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Bishop’s Office.  

Blessings, +Sandra