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 Soul Searching for Lent 

There is personal spiritual renewal and then there is organizational renewal. The Anglican Church Women Diocesan Board has been involved in soul searching of its organization for over a year (so, longer than Lent!), but you might want to consider soul searching for your parish organization, whatever its name, as a Lenten Project. 

Any or all of the Discussion Questions that Rev. Canon Lisa Vaughn, Parish Vitality Coordinator, shared in her Diocesan Times February 2023 column, It’s A New Day! Onward and upward, designed for a parish AGM, are perfect for any parish ministry group, as well. Find them on page 6

Talk about what’s good, joyful and life-giving in your parish. Consider how your ministry group can make a difference in the community. Think about what you can stop doing so that other possibilities can be realized. Determine what your group needs to learn about and who can help. Exploring new possibilities can be very energizing. Try it!