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When everything seems turned upside down, we tend to gravitate to the comfort of certainty. In an age of COVID-19 we know that is a mirage. Daily routines, work, school, business and church life are all facing changes - either long-term or short, depending on the effects of the pandemic in our communities. However, parish leaders can be honest and lean on authenticity and honesty to help congregations and their neighbours. 

Read the article, Leaders Don’t Need All the Answers, by author Clay Scroggins, to learn more.

Leaders Don’t Need All the Answers - Lewis Center for Church Leadership

We all crave certainty in uncertain times, and leaders are prone to provide that certainty whether they have good reason to do so or not. I’ve sat in meetings with people who pulled numbers out of the air with a finger snap to argue their point.


Church is different for families with children today. For years we had bustling Sunday School programs and the kids were separated from the adults. Now more children arrive on Sundays with their grandparents, and we have multi-generational gatherings. There are a variety of ways parish leaders can connect with kids as they join the worshipping community.   Read Wycliffe College's Rev. Dr. Judy Paulsen's article called, Reimagining Children in Worship. 

Reimagining Children in Worship

Judy is also an Institute of Evangelism Mentor and can help your church to better work with organizational culture.. Judy will help churches assess their overall approach to mission (examining such artifacts as their budget, annual report, Sunday order of service, and organizational structures) and help them begin to reshape their common life in order to better share the faith.