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Dear Parish Representatives, Rectors and Supporters of PWRDF:

As we are all still recovering, regrouping and assessing the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona this past weekend, PWRDF is responding with an appeal to assist with relief and recovery in our Diocese and other affected Dioceses. Please share this information widely.

As we work together as a community to rebuild I think of the lyrics from Leon Dubinsky’s song Rise Again:

When the light goes dark with the forces of creation

Across a stormy sky

We look to reincarnation to explain our lives

As if a child could tell us why

That as sure As the sunrise

As sure as the sea 

As sure as the wind in the trees

We rise again in the faces 

Of our children

We rise again in the voices of our song

We rise again in the waves out on the ocean

And then we rise again

Stay safe.

Warm regards, Chris Pharo

PWRDF Diocesan Representative