Westphal is a beautiful little church locatedon the corner of Hwy #7 and Lake Major Road and we are part of Nova Scotia's capital city.  The Church building has a suburban setting close to lots of walking trails, lakes and ocean beaches.  We have a diverse congregation represented by small business owners, retail workers, professionals, and retired citizens.

The Parish of St. John's is the oldest Anglican parish on the Dartmouth side of the Harbour.  Our parish was started in 1771 and has over 227 years of history in the Dartmouth Community.  St. John's has been a stable and continuous presence in the Westphal area and we have been able to survive by changing with the times.  We are a community who is looking foward to learning and working with a new parish priest.

Our Mission Statment is to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God.  As a small parish we try to help wherever and whomever we possibly can and our known as the Little Church with the Big Heart.  The members of our Parish have years of service and a wealth of knowledge to share and we are an open community who will share, teach, and be taught by anyone who is willing.  We provide a safe, wise, and comforting environment which allows for new ways and new ideas to grow.

The parishioners are looking for a parish priest who is felxible on how a service is delivered; someone who is able to switch directions on the spot when required.  We are looking for a willingness to show initiative and not be afraid to offer alternative deliver of the gospel message such as a picture or modern day examples.  The people of St. Joh's are non-rushed spriritual individuals who pray slowly and attentively and who are full of the Spirit.


For the complete Profiles and application form for this positions, please contact Ms. Jana O’Neil, Administrative Assistant for the Bishop, at bishopsoffice@nspeidiocese.ca or (902) 420-0717.

*Rector, 60% time, for the Parish of St. John's Westphal, Dartmouth, closing date Friday, October 9th at 5:00 pm

 Please note;

A Police Records Check report, Vulnerable Sector Check report must be submitted with the application.


Clergy from outside the Diocese of Nova Scotia and P.E.I., must present confirmation that they are a priest in good standing and have their bishop’s permission to seek employment opportunities outside their own diocese.

A copy of Canon 25 can be found on our website at