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MORE Mission School – Rolling this fall!

The LAST CHANCE to catch Module #4 of our regional mission schools is this October! 

COVID-19 pandemic restrictions this spring prevented us from hosting the MORE workshops in the Eastern Shore, Cape Breton and Chignecto Regions.    


Since gathering in person is still challenging in a number of ways, we’ve decided to host Module #4, MORE Bold for these remaining regions (and anyone else who’d like to join) on the Zoom platform.   


Module #4 called MORE Bold, explores themes related to rediscovering our faith story and being able to tell God’s story of hope and good news for the world. This session helps equip participants to dive deep into what it means to be a disciple today, especially related to our Anglican identity. 


Although this workshop is being hosted virtually, some congregations may wish to gather in small groups in a central location, taking all the necessary precautions (appropriate physical distancing, wearing of masks, brown bag lunches, etc.). These may be hosted in a church hall, local library or a large room in someone’s house. Or participants may wish to join in as individuals from their private homes. A reliable Internet connection is required. 


MORE Bold  -  Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 


Eastern Shore    - October 17    (DEADLINE: midnight Oct. 14) 

     REGISTER HERE!                       



Cape Breton   - October 24     (DEADLINE: midnight Oct.21)  





Chignecto         - October 31     (DEADLINE: midnight Oct. 28) 




Anyone may attend any of the workshops.   

On the Thursday prior to the event, materials TO BE PRINTED (exercises, readings, etc.) will be e-mailed out. 


Got questions?    E-mail

Or phone 902-789-4840.