To all Treasurers, Rectors and Priests-in-Charge,

Back in 2018, many parishes-- more than half -- opted in to using the Diocesan Parish Mailbox to download parish specific Monthly Remittance Advices.  This option facilitated quick access to the figures Treasurers are looking for each month-end, and saved time and expense involved with sending paper copies to those parishes.  All other parishes continued to receive hard-copy mailings.

With the new website, authorized persons can no longer access those Parish Mailboxes.  The Diocese is in the process of creating new, secure access for this purpose.  However, with the launch of the website in early December, and the Synod Office closure from Christmas to New Years, all is not quite ready to provide you with instructions.

It is also a good time to (re)confirm the names of those who are/will be authorized to access the mailbox, and to reset the password.

So, we are planning accordingly:

  1. November and December Monthly Remittance Advices were/will be mailed through Canada Post to every parish.  We will mail the January 2020 statements if enough notice has not been provided for the new access.
  2. Authorized persons can also request the November or December statements to be emailed.  Contact Jan Connors.
  3. A new request will go to all those currently signed-up for a Diocesan Parish Mailbox to update permissions and the password.
  4. All parishes not currently signed-up will be invited to do so.

We hoped for a seamless transition from the old website to the new, but this is one aspect that is a bit tricker in order to ensure secure access.  Your patience is appreciated.

If you have any questions, pleace contact Jan Connors:; 902 406 8991 (direct)