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The Diocesan Council at their June 2021 Meeting approved a NEW  HR Policy 2.1.26 – CHECKLIST OF TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR PARISH MINISTRY AND MISSION 

This Policy was developed by the HRVSST in order to assist Archdeacons in developing comprehensive Covenants and Contracts for Clergy serving in this Diocese. Copies of the Policy and accompanying CHECKLIST were sent from the Synod Office in August to o 60 Clergy in Part-time Parish Ministry as well as Priests-in-Charge .  Clergy were requested to complete a copy of the Checklist and send it to the Chair of the HRVSST. Additional copies submitted by the lay leadership in each Parish were also encouraged.

HRVSST will use the date in its review of Policies for Part-time Ministry and Priests-in-charge.  In particular we are trying to determine if there are ministry or mission tasks which are not currently being led by clergy or laity in Parishes , which may then need Regional or Diocesan support and training. 

Copies of the Policy 2.1.26 and Checklist are available on the Diocesan Website, linked here

HRVSST will continue to receive Checklists at each of its meetings.

Thur. Nov. 25, January 20,  March 17  and May 19, 2022.

Completed CHECKLISTS can be sent to:  

The Rev. John K. Morrell, River John, NS B0K 1N0