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The Face of Poverty Consultation (FACE) is a faith-based coalition that works to increase awareness of poverty, to encourage action by its members and faith communities, and to advocate for government policy change to eliminate poverty. The Diocese participates in FACE through its Basic Needs Ministry.
FACE welcomed the Progress Report for the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission and the Action for Health Strategic Plan. FACE has written to the respective Ministers stating this but asking for detailed information in future reports on performance indicators and timelines.
Feed Nova Scotia now has an Hunger for Change advocacy section on their website. Visit
The Department of Pediatrics and Healthy Populations at Dalhousie University has published the report One Chance to Be a Child seen at

The report makes six recommendations and 12 actions that require the prompt attention of provincial leaders and decision-makers across all sectors to give young people in Nova Scotia their one chance to be a child and achieve a positive trajectory into the future.The most urgent threats to child and youth well-being in Nova Scotia are – 1) poverty and 2) systemic racism and discrimination.