Every parish is entitled to elect a youth delegate for Synod, including Electoral Synods.  Youth delegates must be members of the parish, and between ages 16-25. 

Sometimes parishes don't or can't elect a youth delegate because Synod usually falls on school days.  However, the Electoral Synod on September 12 will be held only on a Saturday.  There will also be much less traveling required than a usual Synod.  This may mean that youth in your parish would be able to attend.

In between annual general meetings, a Parish Council can appoint Synod Delegates, if necessary.  This means that if your parish didn't elect a youth delegate, Parish Council can still gather (including gathering via video conferencing service) and vote to appoint a youth delegate.

If your parish chooses to do this, please fill in a Certificate of Election [pages 7-9 of the document linked HERE] and return to Jan Connors as soon as possible.   If you have questions, please contact myself (execsecsynod@nspeidiocese.ca) or Jan Connors (jconnors@nspeidiocese.ca)


The Rev. Will Ferrey,Executive Secretary of Synod
Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island