Provincial Synod meets in June, 2021 via Zoom with Anglican lay and clergy representatives from across the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada (Atlantic Canada and Quebec). We’ve been asked to share some of our experiences and lessons learned through the pandemic. Is there something you or your Parish or ministry has experienced through all of this that is a cause for joy? Have you begun a new ministry or revitalized an existing one? Have you learned new ways to communicate with your parishioners? Or to deepen relationships with them? Or to reach out beyond your Church doors? Or to worship together (either in-person or online?) How has the pandemic changed the way you understand or experience ministry? Send us some of your stories (a short paragraph is fine) and we’ll pass them on (please be sure to maintain confidentiality as appropriate). We need to receive these by mid-April to prepare our Diocesan report to Provincial Synod.

Here is a prayer from the Diocesan Environment Network. 

Praying for our Environment:

Patient God,
Ten degrees they need to rise,
For the world, I must be wise.
Help me to resist the rake
Until the pollinators wake.

Carole Aylard, The Church of St Andrew and DEN Communications Officer: