The Diocesan Office has created electronic mailboxes for each Parish of the Diocese. 


·       For the Parish, it is timely access to the Monthly Remittance Advices – with the potential for the Diocese to upload other parish-specific documents in the future – which remain in the mailbox and accessible anytime. 

·       For the Diocese, it is the gradual reduction/elimination of costs associated with printing, stuffing and the postage required to mail paper copies to each parish; costs which impact the annual budget and allotment rate.

The new mailboxes function with authorized individual logins, and are appealing to navigate.

Many parishes are already using their mailbox.  Is your Parish ready for this convenience?

 If so, here is what we need:

An email from the Rector / Priest-in-Charge sent to specifying

1.       The names of those authorized to access parish-specific documents via the mailbox – usually the Incumbent, the Treasurer and perhaps a Warden and/or Parish Administrator

2.       A current email address for each of the authorized persons named

3.       A page password used to provide an extra layer of security to your parish-specific documents

Once received, the permissions will be set, and instructions sent by email to all persons named.  Plus, your Finance team is available if you need assistance getting started.  From that point forward, the documents can be accessed at any convenient time for you, with new advices posted just before month-end.

That’s it!  Your previous months' statements are already in your mailbox

So, we’re just waiting to hear from you.

Questions?  Please email or call us.  We are happy to help!

Lawrence Roche, Financial Controller and the Finance Team