The Diocesan Office has been working to create Diocesan electronic mailboxes for each Parish of the Diocese. 


·       For the Parish, it is timely access to the Monthly Remittance Advices – with the potential for the Diocese to upload other parish-specific documents in the future – which remain in the mailbox and accessible anytime. 

·       For the Diocese, it is the gradual reduction/elimination of costs associated with printing, stuffing and the postage required to mail paper copies to each parish; costs which impact the annual budget and allotment rate.

We had a complicated version integrated with our old website, which approximately 55% of the parishes were using.  The login was quite cumbersome and the platform very user-UNfriendly.  The new mailboxes function in a different way with authorized individual logins, and are much more appealing to navigate.

The new mailboxes are well tested.  Many Treasurers who really missed being able to login to retrieve their monthly statements quickly asked to come on board, which allowed us to test the functionality and security of the information. If you are one of those parishes, there is no need to respond to this notice.

We have been ready to expand the use of the mailboxes for some time now, but were delayed in a total roll-out due to the COVID 19 inundation of communications, which led to new ways of operating in the Synod Office and in your Parish.

We would now like to proceed, hoping for the participation of every Parish.   So here is what we need:

An email from the Rector / Priest-in-Charge sent to specifying

1.       The names of those authorized to access parish-specific documents via the mailbox – usually the Incumbent, the Treasurer and perhaps a Warden and/or Parish Administrator

2.       A current email address for each of the authorized persons named

3.       A page password used to provide an extra layer of security to your parish-specific documents

Once received, the permissions will be set, and instructions sent by email to all persons named.  Plus, I’m available Mon-Thurs if you need assistance getting started.  From that point forward, the documents can be accessed at any convenient time for you. 

That’s it!  Your monthly statements are already in your mailbox, so we’re just waiting to hear from you.


Questions?  Please email or call me.  I’m happy to help!

Jan Connors
Diocesan Administrative Assistant
902 406 8991 (direct) Mon-Thurs