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Hope & Inspiration, On Line Art Show, Nov 6 to Dec 6. Official Opening, Nov 6, 4 pm, Join us for the livestream at 6. Each week a different artist will be featured. View interviews of the artists. Enjoy one of the free on line paint parties.  

Spiritually Connected Through Creation, Thursday evenings at 7pm by Zoom

These gatherings have been inspired by the Center for Public Justice’s (CPJ) publication “Living for Ecological Justice”. They might be seen as a retreat, a time of reflection and prayer, an activity and a call to action.

Together we will look at questions that we can ask ourselves, our family and friends about the physical place we are each in. We are being asked, and given an opportunity to stay still. It is up to each of us to decide whether we will use this moment to deepen our love for the earth and our commitment to stand on the side of creation now, and in the weeks, months and years to come.

Oct 22 Moving out into the community: Water Protection (Water Protectors)   

Oct 29 Moving out into the community: Deforestation (Helga Guderley)

Nov 05 Moving out with the Community: Climate Action with Extinction Rebellion (Padraig Mac Gheangaich)

Nov 12 Learning from the Covid-19 Virus: What WHO and UN are saying about future pandemics unless we change our relationship with all of Creation. (Nancy Blair)  

Nov 19 Learning from the Dawn of Capitalism: “The Painting” – what is it telling us about consumerism, greed and poverty? (Stella Lord)   

Nov 26 Our Daily Life: Preparing for Advent 

Dec 3 Advent service

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