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August 9

Avon Valley, Nova Scotia
The Archdeacon Tom Henderson
The Reverend James Small, Honorary Assistant, and Joan

St. George’s, Falmouth
St. Michael’s, Windsor Forks
All Saints, Leminster
St. Thomas’, Three Mile Plains
St. Andrew’s, Hantsport

Aylesford with Berwick, Nova Scotia
The Reverend Mel Malton

Christ Church, Berwick
St. Mary’s, Auburn
Christ Church, Morden

Cornwallis, Nova Scotia
The Reverend Maya Bevan

St. John’s, Port Williams
St. Michael and All Angels, Canning
St. Thomas’, Kingsport

St. John’s, Wolfville (Horton), Nova Scotia
The Reverend Sandra Fyfe and James
The Reverend Ann Watson, Deacon
The Reverend Dr. Bruce Matthews, Honorary Assistant, and Pamela

August 16

St. James’, Kentville, Nova Scotia
The Reverend Shirley Cole
The Reverend Catherine Desloges, Assistant Parish Priest, and Brian

Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
The Archdeacon Tom Henderson, Priest-in-Charge

St. James’, Brooklyn
St. John the Baptist, Poplar Grove

August 23

Christ Church, Windsor, Nova Scotia
The Reverend David Curry and Marilyn

Annapolis, Nova Scotia
The Reverend Juanita Barteaux and Tim
The Reverend Canon Donald Neish, Honorary Assistant, and Sarah

August 30

Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
The Reverend Deborah Lonergan-Freake, Priest-in-Charge

St. James’, Bridgetown
St. Mary’s, Bellisle

Clements, Nova Scotia
The Reverend Ken Vaughan, Priest-In-Charge, and Barbara

St. Edward’s, Clementsport
St. John’s, Bear River
Birch Chapel, Smith’s Cove