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After having no visiting priests since 2019, the Church of the Nativity, Sandy Cove
once again invites priests to come to Sandy Cove during the summer months.

This is the deal: Priests and their families come to Sandy Cove for
a two week period and live in our Rectory free of charge. You have to get 
yourselves here and back home, you have to feed yourselves and you have to 
entertain yourselves. 

There are lots and lots of things to do in and near Sandy 
Cove. In return, we want you to celebrate a Eucharist (BAS) each Sunday at 
11:00 AM.

The following 2-week slots are available:

July 30th & August 6th; August 13th & August 20th; August 27th & September 3rd

If interested, please contact John Scott, Warden, either by email: or by telephone: 902-834-2681

* This news post on the Net News website has more details at the bottom in downloads.