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Thursday September 22nd – Staff Meeting and appointments in office and online

Friday September 23rd – Provincial House of Bishops meeting (Zoom), Global Climate Strike 11:00 am Victoria Park Halifax (organized by Ecology Action Center); Parish meeting; Diocesan Council (Zoom - evening) 

Saturday September 24th – Travel to Cape Breton Island 

Sunday September 25th – Deconsecration of All Saints Church, New Waterford and Service of Holy Baptism

Monday September 26th – Trauma Informed Listening workshop (Zoom), and Confirmation in St. James Pictou (evening)

Tuesday September 27th – Monthly meeting with Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator

Wednesday September 28th – Meetings in office (am); Common Life (Gathering with AST Students and Anglican Faculty) 


Bishop Sandra has accepted the resignation of The Reverend Shirley Cole as Rector of the Parish of St. James Kentville effective November 30th, 2022, in order for her to accept appointment as Rector of the Parish of New London, PEI, effective December 1st, 2022.