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Thursday, January 25th – Staff Meeting, Virtual appointments, monthly meeting with Vocations Coordinator and Virginia Theological Seminary online webinar: “Reversing the Covid Slump” 

Friday, January 26th – Meeting with Bishop Audrey Scanlan -  Peer Coach and Diocesan Council Prep

Sunday, January 30th – Virtual Parish Visits

Monday, January 31st – Reading, Planning & Writing Day 

Tuesday, February 1st – Virtual meetings

Wednesday, February 2nd – Office Tasks


The Reverend Shirley Carras has resigned as Interim Priest-in-Charge of the Church of the Holy Spirit, Dartmouth effective January 31st, 2022

The Reverend Cate Ratcliffe has been appointed Priest-in-Charge of the Church of the Holy Sprit, Dartmouth effective February 1st, 2022 to April 30, 2022.