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Thursday, October 28th – Staff meeting and office appointments 

Friday, October 29th  - Institution of the Reverend Ed Trevors, Rector of the Parish of St. Margaret of Scotland, Cathedral Church of All Saints and Diocesan Council 

Saturday, October 30th – Diocesan Council

Sunday, October 31st – Virtual Parish Visits

Monday, November 1st – Virtual Meetings

Tuesday, November 2nd – Discernment and Formation Meeting

Wednesday, November 3rd & Thursday November 4th – Regional Deans Meeting, Debert


Ordinations – Ron Nikkel will be ordained as a Transitional Deacon on Wednesday November 10th (Memorial - Leo the Great) in Neil’s Harbour and Dr. Phillip Cooper will be ordained as a Transitional Deacon on Friday November 12th (Commemoration – Charles Simeon) in St. Paul’s Antigonish. Due to Covid-19 protocols, attendance will be by invitation only. Please pray for Ron and Phillip and their families and the parishes of Three Harbours and Neil’s Harbour during this time of preparation and anticipation.