Dear Synod Delegtes,

As previously communicated to you, because of Covid 19 we have 10 Regional venues for the Electoral Synod on September 12th.

For Rectors, most Priests-in-Charge and Lay/Youth Delegates it is pretty clear where you will vote.  It will be at your Region's designated location. 

For others it might not be as plain.

If you are a Postulant, Co-Opted or Ex-Officio Delegate, or Honorary Assistant or Retired Priest holding a Bishop's license, I will be calling you to clarify your voting location.  If you would like to contact me, please telephone me at 902 406 8991 (direct to my office) -- MONDAY TO THURSDAY ONLY PLEASE. 

This added step will help both of us be comfortable that when you arrive at the Electoral Synod, your name will be on the list, and there will be a badge and ballots for you at the particular location.

This is an extraordinary Synod; your cooperation is very much appreciated.


Jan Connors
Diocesan Administrative Assistant