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Spiritual Direction is a relationship in which one person accompanies another in the process of a growing relationship with God. It is a prayerful ministry based on trust and confidentiality. 

Are you currently offering Spiritual Direction? Are you willing to accompany additional persons? Would you be open to sharing resources? Would you be interested in being part of a cohort of those willing to share their experience or desiring to build on their skills? 


These and other questions are included in a confidential on-line survey. All interested persons, from all denominations are welcome to respond. Kindly share this email with others, both lay and ordained, who are engaged in this vital ministry in our region. The closing date of the survey is July 31, 2020. We will send a summary of the survey to all who respond.



for further information, contact
The Rev. Frances Drolet-Smith
Vocations Coordinator
Diocese of NS & PEI