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Bishop Sandra Fyfe is pleased to announce the appointment of the Reverend Ann Turner as our new Diocesan Executive Director, effective September 1st, 2021. 

Ann is currently a Parish Priest and Regional Dean in the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. She served for many years as a Vocational Deacon before discerning a call to be ordained a Priest. Serving in these distinctive ministries has given her familiarity with the roles, responsibilities, opportunities and challenges facing clergy and parishes at this time. Having served in ordained and lay leadership in the dioceses of New Westminster, Huron and Toronto, as well as Niagara, Ann brings with her a deep appreciation and respect for the varieties of ministries in the Church, both lay and ordained.  

Ann has a strong background in Human Resources management and oversight from her previous work in the technology sector, skills which have been transferable to her ministry in the Church. She has considerable experience working with, coaching, and supporting staff and clergy who come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Ann is a consultative, high-energy, organized leader who has served in key Strategic Planning roles in the Church, including the development of a Mission Action Plan in the Diocese of Niagara. She has also provided Administrative oversight and direction in times of significant transition and change, both within the Church and beyond. She is thoughtful, wise, creative, enthusiastic, and kind. She also has a great sense of humour. 

Ann will be moving to Nova Scotia in August with her spouse, the Reverend Canon Trudy Lebans, and their dogs. Together Ann and Trudy have four adult children and five grandchildren (some of whom will now be nearby in Bedford). Ann describes herself as: “(a) musician, a lover of big dogs and small cars, and a creative spirit who enjoys anything artistic – from textile work to community development,” and looks forward to “coming home” to eastern Canada.  

We look forward to welcoming Ann to our diocesan staff and to working collaboratively with her and the rest of our diocesan team as we strive to support and serve the clergy, people and parishes in our Diocese.