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With the increase in restrictions for the HRM, there have been a lot of questions about the Consecration of Bishop -Elect Sandra Fyfe.  The Consecration will still go ahead on Monday November 30 beginning at 7:00 pm.  We are continuing to work with Doctor Strang and the folks at Public Health to make sure that everything in the service is safe, and follows all guidelines and restrictions.  Unfortunately, this means that even those few folks who were invited to be at the Consecration in person are now asked to stay home, and watch the live stream.  The service will be livestreamed from the Diocesan Facebook and Youtube accounts.  We are planning on sending out a copy of the liturgy, although it's currently being changed to fit the new restrictions.  We will do our best to send it out when it is available.  Of course all churches are asked to follow the guidelines for their parts of the province, respecting gathering limits and social distancing as required.  This may mean that some churches cancel their viewing parties.  



The Rev. Will Ferrey,Executive Secretary of Synod

Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island